AP ( Atlas & Pelvis ) Balance

Rejuvenates your skin with a body glow

Stamina booster

Relieves body pain and stress

Improves body posture and balance

Enhances libido

Improves sleeping habits

Body Treatment

Shiatsu/deep tissue massage

Relaxes and strengthens the muscle

Tones and firms muscles

Improves body movement and flexibility

Foot Treatment

Detoxifies the body

Improves digestion

Alleviates insomnia

Enhances libido

AP BALANCE & Body Treatment

A combination of our signature treatment—Atlas-Pelvis Balance (spine alignment) combined with a deep-tissue massage that comes in an hour or 90 minutes duration.

AP BALANCE & Foot Treatment

A combination of our signature treatment— Atlas-Pelvis Balance (spine alignment) with foot reflexology. Best recommended for people with mild spinal conditions and foot concerns with a 90 minutes duration.

Body & Foot Treatment

A treatment combination of a deep-tissue massage with a foot reflexology recommended for those clients with muscle stiffness, foot and even internal organ concerns with a 90 minutes duration.


A combination of all treatments including our signature Atlas-Pelvis Balance, a deep-tissue massage and the foot reflexology. With its 2 hours treatment duration, this definitely gives you a blissful after-feel!